Veterans Corner, a non-profit entity is networking with another non-profit organization that is reaching out to the low-income communities in the City of Opelousas, rural St. Landry Parish and north Lafayette Parish, by providing an opportunity to purchase existing housing, purchase and repair existing housing, purchase a building site and construct a dwelling, or purchase new housing.

Many would-be applicants are not aware of this program.  For that reason, Veterans Corner is here to share this program with all participants who wish to apply.  Contact “Veterans Corner” to see if you qualify.  To apply:  (Click)

VA PRE-QUALIFIED HOMES:  There are well over 150 Pre-Qualified Home in the area.

VA Home 1

VA Home 2

VA Home 3

VA Home 4

VA Home 5

VA Home 6

VA Home 7

VA Home 8

VA Home 9

VA Home 10

VA Home 11

VA Home 12

VA Home 13

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