Television & Radio

The Veterans Corner television program is presently airing on the Acadiana Open Channel (AOC) in the local Lafayette area.  With the help of KATC3, KLFY10, KADN15 and KDCG TV our major television broadcast stations, here in the Lafayette region, they have given Veterans Corner an opportunity to do a weekend show, which will provide more coverage locally and regionally.  To do additional outreach to veterans, the goal is to participate on the television morning and afternoon shows on a monthly basis:

  1. Good Morning Acadiana, KATC-3   (Info Commercial on KATC – GMA)
  2. Passe Partout, KLFY-10
  3. Meet Your Neighbor, KLFY-10
  4. Meet Your Neighbor Weekend, KLFY-10
  5. Video PSA’s on FOX-15   Veterans Corner PSA Video
  6. KAJN 102.9 –   KajnTalk Television

To further enhance the coverage, the Veterans Corner program will use radio media outlets in the local and regional area for additional outreach. Example:  The Moon Griffon show, The Voice of Louisiana, KPEL- 96.5. It is the intent of the Producer to rotate and air the sponsored shows over the four broadcasting stations.

1.  Z105.9 Radio Interview

2.  KAJN – 102.9 Radio Interview

3.  KPEL – 96.5 Radio Interview

4.  KIEE – 88.3 Radio Interview

In doing this, they will be seen in different markets and ensuring maximum exposure. The Veterans Corner show will be posted on the Veterans Corner website, YouTube, and Facebook.  It is our hope to have a link placed on other websites and their web link on ours.  The quest is to attract more attention and direct supporters who want to participate and help our Louisiana veterans and their families.