Gregory (Greg) Ganier, a Navy Veteran and Veteran Advocate, and President of Veterans Corner, Incorporated (VCI), a nonprofit organization here in the Lafayette, Acadiana region of Southwest Louisiana.

Prior to establishing the nonprofit organization in 2015, Greg worked for the State of Louisiana, with the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) as an Employment Representative and as a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP)  employment representative.  As a DVOP, Greg attended the National Veteran Training Institute (NVTI) in Denver, Colorado.

After leaving LWC, Greg partnered with Southwest Louisiana Business Outreach Center, a nonprofit entity as the Program Coordinator.  In that position, Greg was responsible for setting up seminars and workshops for veterans around the state, and was one of the instructors.

In November 2015, Greg created and developed the nonprofit entity called Veterans Corner, Incorporated (VCI).  The mission of “VCI” is to reach out to veterans, employers and citizens of Louisiana (especially the middle class community as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) in order to raise the standard of living and to make a difference in the lives of the people Veterans Corner touches.

Veterans Corner has been working with the Acadiana Open Channel (AOC) television broadcast station, located in Lafayette, Louisiana as another alternative to informing the veterans and the community about information that they are not aware of.

Veterans Corner developed and created a half hour television program called “Veterans Corner”, that is aired on Cox channel 15/16.  Veterans Corner interviews employers, nonprofit agencies and public officials by letting the community know;  1) Who they are, 2) Where they are located, 3) The services or products they offer.  The cost of this program has always been FREE to our participants.

To promote Veterans Corner programs, Greg has used the television broadcast stations of KATC-3, KLFY-10, KADN-15 and Family Vision TV.  Plus “VCI” uses the local radio stations of KAJN-102.9fm, KPEL-96.5fm, KIEE-88.3fm.  More will come as we grow.

The vision of making a difference in the lives of our veterans and the citizens of Louisiana has come to fruition.  Greg has given his time, efforts and financial resources in order to make a difference.